While the bathroom is of course an important practical room in your home, it can also be a wonderful space to enjoy relaxing and spending time in, and that’s why, when it comes to renovating your interior, you will want to take your time to find a solution that’s both functional and stylish. The main starting point when deciding on the visual design of your bathroom is to choose between a modern or traditional style. In general, your design will be more effective if you stick to a single style with a view to achieving a clear and cohesive visual language; though this doesn’t mean you can’t achieve a versatile balance between both classic and contemporary looks.

At Manchester Bathrooms, our expert designers will work closely with you to craft a gorgeous seamless design. However, the more information you can share about the kind of features that inspire you, the easier it will be to bring your vision to life. This blog showcases some of our favourite modern and traditional bathroom ideas which should help to give you some fantastic inspiration for your own unique project.


There’s no such thing as a one size fits all approach to finding your perfect bathroom design, there are hundreds of beautiful products and features to choose from to create a stunning tailormade interior that suits your family, your lifestyle and your home. Considering your project brief and dedicating some thought as to how you intend to use your space is a good place to start before making any firm decisions about your design.

Traditional bathrooms tend to be more intricate and ornate in style, and while they can establish a charming luxurious atmosphere, they can also require a little more attention to detail when it comes to keeping them sparkling clean. Contemporary bathrooms are ideal for those who prefer a more minimal and uncluttered aesthetic and can be highly practical to maintain. A common misconception is that the style of your bathroom should match the age of your property, this doesn’t have to be the case, however, you may want to consider choosing a design that complements the rest of your home. Below are some elements of your bathroom design you will need to consider when choosing your bathroom style.


The design of your sanitaryware is one of the biggest factors influencing the style of your bathroom, and whether you opt for a traditional or modern look, there are numerous variations in terms of shape, proportion and construction to choose from. Basins are usually available as either wall-mounted, semi/full pedestal, or countertop designs, all of which offer a choice of classic and contemporary styles. Similarly, freestanding and straight/alcove baths can work with both modern and traditional interiors. You will need to consider your choice of taps and fittings to ensure they are in keeping with your chosen style. When it comes to toilets your choices are slightly more limited. Wall-hung toilets or toilets with concealed cisterns can bring a stylish edge to a modern design whereas low-level or high-level styles look best in a traditional interior.

A classic basin with angled corners and elegant antique silver detailing gives this suite a luxurious vintage feel.

Clean lines and sleek rounded forms create a distinctive contemporary aesthetic.


Offering plenty of space to keep lotions and potions neatly organised and out of sight, under sink storage is a must for a family bathroom. As one of the main features of your room, your bathroom storage presents a great opportunity to add to your interior design and make a stylish statement. A freestanding shaker-style vanity with gorgeous classic knob or cup handles makes a beautiful feature and can be painted in an eye-catching colour to bring character and personality to your space.


Wall-hung handleless vanities make a great choice for a contemporary bathroom, establishing a sleek and stylish aesthetic. Floating above the floor, not only will a wall-hung vanity make your interior feel more spacious but it will also make keeping your bathroom clean even easier.



Opting for a traditional bathroom certainly doesn’t restrict your choice of stunning colour schemes. The deep green tiles and forest green vanity with gold accents below create a deluxe and sophisticated retro-inspired interior. Dark navy blues also make a wonderful classic accent colour. A traditional bathroom is an ideal place to get creative with dramatic vintage shades.


Nothing says modern like a moody monochrome palette. While you don’t have to go as dramatic as the black and marble bathroom below, a modern bathroom looks fantastic with a bold choice of clean colours. Consider timeless white or grey or introduce a pop of your favourite vivid hue.



When it comes to completing your bathroom design with a practical and stylish wall covering, the options are truly endless. Tiles come in all shapes, sizes and materials to suit every space from the most cutting-edge modern to the classic and regal. Simple, elegant and timeless, metro tiles are a hugely popular choice. Available in a variety of colours and layouts, they pair perfectly with both modern and traditional furniture and represent exceptional versatility and enduring style. You can explore our full range of tiles by visiting one of our Bathrooms showrooms.


High-quality bathroom wall panels can give a stunning seamless finish perfect for a minimal modern space and are incredibly easy to clean and maintain. This marble bathroom wall covering achieves a bright and luxurious gloss quality. Continuing the wall covering onto the floor makes a stylish impact as well as creating the illusion of more space.



At Manchester Bathrooms, we work closely with many clients to bring their beautiful bathrooms to life and we understand just how much pressure there is to get your design just right. Creating a wonderful bathroom isn’t just about discovering an interior you love today, it’s also about establishing a practical environment that you feel exactly the same way about for many years to come. Choosing your bathroom style can seem like a daunting decision, but with expert guidance from your trusted experts you can rest assured you’ll find the perfect solution. To get a feel for the many bathroom products available and to take a step closer to finding your perfect bathroom style we recommend you pay a visit to some of your local bathroom showrooms. If you’d like to discuss your project with our professional design team, we would love to hear from you.


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